In a unique approach to on the job training, a credit union is having high school students open a bank branch in school.

Soft SkillsAt Yreka High School, the Siskiyou Central Credit Union opened a branch in the school office, which is operated and staffed by students.

The branch is only for students, and offers the same services as regular banks.  These include cashing checks, making deposits and withdrawals, and opening accounts.  The only service not included in the school branch is loan services.  The branch is only open to the students; it is not open to the public.

Students run the branch at lunchtime, and work at SCCU after school.  Three students were trained to run the branch over the summer.

In addition to the benefits of on the job training, other students benefit from having a resource for financial planning in their school.  Over half the student body have opened accounts.

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