A very special class project made school interested while kids designed the school carnival they wanted.

Kids Designed the School Carnival They Wanted“Here’s what I learned: school isn’t boring,” said Nikko, a State Street Elementary fourth grader. “Since we’ve been building our carnivals and working on this project, it’s been nothing but fun. And we learned a lot, too.”

Nikko and his fellow students have spent several months planning and building three carnival models from cardboard and other materials.  During the project based learning exercise, they created all that a school carnival needs, from food booths to bounce house and games.

The students wanted to convince the PTO to hold a carnival again.

“State Street used to have a school carnival every year,” said fourth grade math Melissa Paquin Evans. “So we came up with this idea for all three fourth-grade classes, and the students have just run with it.

“Each class built a model and wrote a letter to the PTO. We even had Caswell Cooke in to talk with them about what it takes to run Springfest and Fallfest. It’s been a really good cross-curriculum lesson that we connected to the community.”

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