Students are learning Spanish through art, as they mix paints together, gather their supplies, and listen to their instructions in Spanish.

Learning Spanish Through ArtAt Brookhaven High School, students gathered in the upstairs science lab, mixing red and white paints together. The instruction was provided by Brookhaven native Josh Brister and his wife, Lucia Duque Brister.  They live in Madrid, and visited Josh’s alma mater to encourage students to paint.

“The most important thing is don’t be afraid,” said Lucia. “I doesn’t matter how good you are as long as you’re having fun.”

She showed them how to recreate a portrait of a Spanish woman, and a pencil drawing turned into colorful art.  Brister told the class to say “mas despacio” if his wife was speaking too fast.  She instructed them in her native Spanish language.  Brister translated.

“I loved working with the kids,” Lucia Brister said in Spanish. “They were a lot better than we thought they would be. In the little time we had, we finished a lot.”

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