Fourth grade students are getting lessons in teamwork with the Imaginarium Flight Simulator.  They are simulating rather imaginative missions as if they were on an actual space flight.

Lessons in Teamwork with the Imaginarium Flight SimulatorThe interactive learning experience aboard the IKS Dreamcatcher at Penn Hills Elementary School gives students an opportunity to use classroom learning in a real world scenario.  Missions match the content students are studying in their classes.

The exercise also helps students communicate, develop problem solving techniques and teamwork.  There is a captain, science and tech officers, and mission control.

Penn Hills houses a simulator designed by Dream Flight Adventures of Pittsburgh, and is one of four schools in Westmoreland and Allegheny counties to have one. The simulator is a small classroom “spaceship” with an iPad for each student, a large screen which projects a virtual world, and an intercom for connecting with people outside the ship.  Teachers control the mission, communicating via intercom as mission control or someone who needs assistance.

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