Math Madness Basketball GameAt the annual Math Madness basketball game, local schools prepared with basketball related math questions before children saw the exciting game between Worcester State University women’s basketball team, the Lancers and undefeated Tufts University.

Students found out about numbers and basketball, from shooters who think distance before a jumper, and a rebounder looks at the size of the opponent being boxed out.  Then there’s the score of points and rebounds.

“What we’re trying to do is get the kids excited about math and combine it with basketball,” WSU coach Karen Tessmer said. “It’s also great for our players to get to know the young kids in the community. It feels good and it helps kids have role models. They’re learning something and, at the same time, they’re having fun.”

“It’s also great for our players to compete in front of all these kids,” Tessmer said. “It’s a fun atmosphere, but we also want to compete and try to win.”

The local schools that  attend the game are neighbors.  When WSU’s new gym was being built, the Lancers often went across the street to practice at Chandler Magnet School.

Children were encouraged to keep score during the game, and solve problems like how many points a player would score if they sank eight 3 point shots.

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