A grant is helping math teachers get personal help with certified trainers and master teachers.

Math Teachers Get Personal Help with Certified TrainersAt Pray-Woodham School in Maize, Kansas, teacher Crystal May recognizes the value of small group instruction in math. With her partner Angela Knapp she hopes to be able to use a $10,000 grant from a Virginia nonprofit to share that knowledge with her colleagues.

With a grant from ASCD, formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, May and Knapp hope to help other teachers develop strategies for teaching math standards on grade level.

“We know we lose pockets of kids in large-group instruction,” said Knapp. “So we’re trying to look at: How can we change … to a small-group model, and how does that look in a classroom?”

Most of the grant money will pay for substitute teachers while the Pray-Woodham teachers observe small groups in action, and learn how to plan for small group learning.

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