Mindfulness training in school for teachers and students is having a calming effect on the teachers in one primary school.

Soft SkillsAt B.M. Williams Primary School in Chesapeake, Virginia, teachers recently spent a day making calming jars that resembled snow globes, practicing yoga and deep breathing.  The educational purpose was to show teachers that mindfulness is an effective way to stay focused and relaxed.  Teachers such as special education teacher Ashleigh Roper believe that it makes a difference and is effective.

Mindfulness is gaining popularity among educators.  Techniques like deep breathing and meditation are enabling students and teachers to stay focused and be more aware of their surroundings.

Roper was one of 20 staff members who participated in mindfulness training during a teacher work day.  At lunch, Roper noticed that she felt calm.  She then saw fellow teachers who were not in the training and they looked less calm.  She immediately thought that she could use mindfulness in the classroom.

“If it worked on some stressed-out teachers, it can work on kids,” Roper said.

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