New preschool programs are sharing resources, including busing, curriculum, and teachers.  Classrooms in Caldwell Idaho schools will house Head Start Western Idaho Community Action Partnership students along with the district developmental preschool students and United Way P16.

New Preschool Programs are Sharing ResourcesThe intent is to offer a unified approach to preschool education in the district. Over the break, students took a field trip to their new schools, and students and parents attended an open house.

According to superintendent N. Shalene French, a goal is to have students attend kindergarten in the school where they are attending preschool.  This eases the transition to kindergarten. Leaders from all three programs will develop curriculum in partnership with district kindergarten teachers.

“We don’t want to disrupt private preschools serving the community as well,” French said. “We’re looking at seeking families who have children with developmental disabilities or who income-wise can’t afford private preschool.”

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