A new public cafe offers hands on learning to special needs students who are acquiring job skills.

Soft SkillsIn Fresno California, the Kid’s Cafe is teaching valuable lessons to students who work there and to their customers.  The cafe serves coffee drinks, soups, and sandwiches.  It is also a classroom for the Fresno County Office of Education’s adult transition program, which helps 18 to 22 year olds become more self reliant. They do everything from greeting customers to chopping vegetables, washing dishes, and taking orders.

The Office of Education hopes to have half of the 140 students in the adult transition program certified in food handling.  Currently 25 students have received their certification.

“Many of our students don’t have a plan when they leave us, and that’s really the barrier we’re trying to break down because there are many things they could be doing – so many things they’re capable of,” said Trina Frazier, administrator of special education.

“Our hope is that we can actually talk to the businesses and restaurants here in Fresno and have them tell us what they need students to know, so that when they leave us at 22 they’re able to find employment.”

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