Recycling unwanted electronics leads to work experience for high school students, who are handling the items, providing customer service for people who bring items, and dismantling laptops and phones.

Soft SkillsThe community comes and recycles unwanted electronic items at Cañon City High School.  “They knock right here,” said Ken Cline, a CCHS teacher and the program’s director. “And normally our students do all the handling of customer service.”

The items include VCRs, computer towers, phones, laptop computers, and tablets. Students dismantle it and send it to outside vendors for recycling.

The classes that work on the electronics are small.  They are part of the Tiger Print Recycling program, which began six years ago to provide small groups of special education students a chance to learn real life skills.  The aim was also to provide a means for people to get rid of unwanted electronics.

“In the state of Colorado, it’s illegal to put electronics in a landfill,” Cline said. “It’s one of the reasons that electronic recycling is kind of in vogue.”

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