A school newspaper is online, thanks to the dedication of some elementary school students who love writing about their school and community.

School Newspaper is OnlineFourth and fifth grade students at R.P. Connor Elementary School don’t mind working through lunch, just like adult reporters. They flip open their Chromebooks, and settle in for their meetings with lunchboxes open.

What are some of the articles they have?  There’s a piece “Sandwich Sillies,” about peanut butter and jelly.  Rachel LaCorte researched the history of PBJ and put together a reader poll about the sandwiches.

In the “Teacher Tidbits” section, Brayden Miller was editing a feature about music instructor Mark Stopek.  Emilia Reay was finishing an original comic strip.

The newspaper is only available online on the school website.  It is monthly, and features news about the school, the village of Suffern, articles about student achievement, book reviews, and profiles of teachers.

Principal Kelly Dowd is in awe of the technological ability and creativity of the 33 students.

“It is a lot of work. But it’s so worth it,” said Dowd, who responded to student requests to start a newspaper by taking on the task of being the faculty advisor.

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