Science on Wheels is rolling, thanks to the Pacific Science Center’s tour that focuses on bringing STEM activities to children and giving them a chance to take part in different classes.

Science on WheelsThe Science on Wheels program visited Edison Elementary School, bringing three different classes – machine makeovers, making slime, and super structures.

Students who were interested in machine makeovers had to build a crane out of blocks that could move some objects.  Alll students had hands on experiences.

“We took a poll to see how many kids have been to the Pacific Science Center and out of our population, only one-tenth of the kids had been there,” said Holly Abbarno, a first grade teacher. “This brings science on a smaller scale and gives our kids first-hand experiences that they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.”

The day started with an assembly, and featured half hour presentations in classrooms and a half hour in the gym where students could build structures, work with Legos, and make other inventions. It closed with a family style assembly.

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