Forsyth County residents now have another source for local news, now that a sixth grade newspaper covers community events.

Sixth Grade Newspaper Covers Community EventsThe Forsyth County Bounty is the newspaper created by Otwell Middle School sixth graders, covering local events, sports, technology, and featuring interviews and horoscopes.

The five advanced English language arts classes that are taught by Alaishia Cody recently competed for the title of winning class in the school newspaper contest, a project that Cody began during the fall of 2015.

The Forsyth County Bounty was judged to be the top paper last December.

“Overall, the articles [in the winning project] were just better quality — not as many grammar mistakes,” Cody said. “Aesthetically, it was very easy on the eyes and not overwhelming. Most students this age have a tendency to put in a bunch of pictures on top of neon colors, which makes your eyes bleed.

“They just did a really good job of trying to keep this professional.”

According to Cody, the goal was not only to promote writing, but to get her students familiar with print materials.

“I want to reacquaint them with print because everything’s pretty much digital, and they know very little about a newspaper,” she said. “We first start with a newspaper scavenger hunt, and the very basic question of, ‘Where is an index?’ they don’t know.

“They’ve lost that concept of physical print, so I want to reintroduce that while also hitting the standards [of writing] in a more engaging way.”

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