In meeting a challenge to find a project based learning assignment that would benefit the whole school, students are redesigning school common areas.

Students are Redesigning School Common AreasAt Liberty Middle school, sixth grade math teacher Summer Kelley brought the idea home from a teacher externship program she had attended.  Her students are redesigning their grade level commons into a more flexible learning space.

“We were challenged to go back to our buildings and come up with project based assignments for our kids,” Kelley said. “We looked at fixing a problem here in our school. The commons space was not being used in the way we wanted and we came up with the idea to have students redesign it.”

Previously, the commons contained a few chairs and tables.  The challenge was to remodel it for under $10,000. Students who are now seventh graders worked in teams. “The first thing we did was discuss ideas and we looked at some websites and measured the carpet and commons,” said student Sophia Hudson. “We looked at furniture and filled out what we wanted.”

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