After reading the book”A Long Walk to Water”, eighth grade students are supporting the Clean Water Service Project that benefits people in the South Sudan.

Students are Supporting the Clean Water Service ProjectStudents in Hannah Mattingly’s English class read the part biography and part novel, which describes problems of the South Sudan water crisis.  Often the water supply is muddy, or contaminated with radioactive waste. Women and children walk four to eight hours a day just to retrieve water, which can contain worms which cause stomach problems that could result in death.

The book is written by Linda Sue Park, and describes the main character Dut’s escape from South Sudan, eventually landing in Rochester, New York.  There he founded an organization, Water for South Sudan.  Today, the organization has issued an Iron Giraffe Challenge to schools across the USA.  The challenge is for each school to raise $1,000 to buy drilling rigs for safe water wells.

The Iron Giraffe is the old drilling rig, which needs to be replaced.

The eighth grade students at Barr-Reeve Junior/Senior High School are the 25th school to accept the challenge.  They are organizing a walkathon, carrying a gallon water jug for a mile, to show how difficult it is to carry water over long distances. Some of them plan to carry the water jugs on their heads, like the Sudanese.

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