Spencer High School Spanish II students created Spanish medical guides for local health care providers, who were in need of translator services.

Soft SkillsThe guides designed by students in Ayn Thoreson’s class are bridging language barriers.

“Because I had taught a medical class at the hospital, Spanish for health providers, I thought that was a natural fit for kids to work with someone on a project and connect with someone in the community,” Thoreson said.

Creating the guides is a project based learning opportunity for students.  Thoreson says that much of project based learning involves creating something of value to the community outside of school.

Thoreson spoke with the local health care providers about the student guides.  The providers ranged from the local hospital ER to pharmacists.

“We are working on medical terms in Spanish. We are making a sheet or project for a health provider in the community that are assigned to us. We contacted them and asked them exactly what they wanted, how they wanted it formatted and everything,” said student Allie Halverson.

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