Middle school students evaluated their district Chromebooks in a survey, and they had a lot of favorable things to say.

Soft SkillsThe one-to-one program at Meramec Valley R-III Middle School gave a Chromebook laptop to each student this year.

“Having a computer to take home means I can look up stuff and learn how to do things any time without having to ask the teacher,” one student wrote.

“This is the best way to do homework because if I forget my math book, it’s on the website,” said another student.

Technology director Debby Haley made a report to the school board, and the five pages of student comments that she brought with her were her favorite part.

Students liked not having to carry books around, the ability to see spelling mistakes, and having a calendar that automatically logs assignments, keeping them organized.

“It wasn’t all positive but we expected that,” Haley said. “This focus on technology is not just about what tools are provided, but how those tools are used,” she said. “Instructional technology should enhance and expand the learning environment, engage students, and enable them to create, communicate, collaborate and think critically.”

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