Students learning to run a restaurant are also learning job and life skills.  At Bellefonte Area High School, the Life Skills Cafe is held the last Friday of the month.

Soft SkillsThe mission of the Life Skills Cafe, according to teacher Rachael Davis, is to teach skills that are valuable in the real world. Students purchase food, plan recipes, balance the cafe budget, cook, and learn about good customer service.  It is open for a limited number of faculty and staff to have a homemade meal for lunch.

Some students may not be able to help with meal preparation, but there are other jobs.

“It’s tailored for every student so they can be a part of the process,” Davis said.

Students are learning how to use public transportation to go to the grocery store.  They also practice skills of greeting or thanking customers.

“We’re really focused on teaching things that promote individual living — like how to get from one place to another, and how to cook, and how to balance a budget and how to communicate with others, so this is meeting all those needs for them,” Davis said. “It’s also a transition to job skills like dish washing, cooking and being waiters, and a starter to put on a resume.”

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