Tailoring hybrid learning to students is a focus of one school district whose teachers are seeing growth in students as a result.

Tailoring Hybrid Learning to StudentsAt South Eastern Middle school, seventh grade English teacher Jillian Watto often did not want her students working together due to distractions.  But now, small groups of her students work together each day.

“Watching them thrive with peers is interesting to see,” she said, adding most of her students tend to prefer a collaborative setting now.

Hybrid learning encourages teachers to set up learning stations in their classrooms, with a lot of flexibility. Usually there is a station where students work with the teacher, one where they work together, and one where they work independently.  Watto’s room has two groups.

Her classroom is abuzz with student conversations, but all talk is about the assignment before them, not social life or gossip.  The students are focused on learning.

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