A university and a legal solicitor teamed up for teaching children about criminal justice with Project LEAD.

Teaching Children About Criminal Justice with Project LEADCoastal Carolina University partnered with Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson to meet with fifth graders at Waccamaw Elementary as part of the 20 week program.  The lesson was the importance of staying in school.

“Being smart is not all it’s cracked up to be. … Geniuses are made by coming to school, studying,” said Richardson.  He stressed the importance of hard work.

Richardson also told the students that there are scholarships for college, and many different choices for colleges.

Project LEAD teaches children the importance of good decisions, staying in school, and learning about the criminal justice system.

“The main thing, and I tell each class this, is if they will go away at least thinking through the decisions that they’re going to ultimately make, put some thought behind them, that’s all we can really ask,” Richardson said.

“The best part of the whole program is that the kids actually are such participants in it that they basically teach the class,” Richardson continued. “They do skits, and they do plays, and they do mock trials. And it’s just the perfect program to be able to narrow down how decisions made today will affect them 10 years, 15 years, down the road.”

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