Seventh grade teacher Catherine Hill is teaching math with Rubik’s Cubes, by utilizing the patterns. She believes that the classic puzzle is a great way to show her students about problem solving, perseverance, and algebra.

Soft SkillsThe cost of providing the cubes to nearly a hundred students was problematic.  Hill contacted Rubik’s Brand, and discovered that the company has an educator lending program and could provide 35 of the puzzles to her for a month.  So from November into December, teacher and students had a great time twisting and turning.

“It’s a great way of teaching about attention spans,” Hill said. “I wanted to get them sitting down and really sticking to something. You get one student to learn how to do it, then they teach one person and they teach one person and so on. That way, everyone has a chance to learn and it’s not just one teacher running ragged. The spirit of collaboration was really, really great.”

The students successfully solved the puzzle quickly, and moved on to more difficult tasks, such as using the grids to design and create mosaics.

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