For high school students with goals, the Promise Neighborhood Math Club is an important resource.  In Central Minnesota, approximately 80 kids attend the bi-monthly classes offered at the non-profit Promise Neighborhood organization.

The Promise Neighborhood Math ClubThe organization offers social time, food, and homework help.  The math club has been in existence for about three years. “Many of our parents are concerned about kids struggling in math,”said Shannon Gustafson, administrator at Promise Neighborhood. “Like almost everything with Promise Neighborhood, it’s a result of what our community is asking for.”

It used to be a challenge to get kids interested.  “Now, some kids come running in and go straight to the room,” Gustafson said. “We get a small few who don’t want to, but the majority now really enjoy it.”

Students can bring in homework, or seek help with problems from volunteers. Parents are appreciative of the opportunity.

“I think, they’re mostly very thankful we are offering this to their kids,” Gustafson said. “Because education and math is a struggle for some of the kids. It’s nice they can get the extra help outside their typical school day.”

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