Virtual reality field trips allow students to travel the world without leaving their classroom.  At High Plains Community Schools, they’ve virtually walked on the moon.

Virtual Reality Field Trips Allow Students to Travel the WorldTeacher Aaron Rohde uses Google Cardboard in his fifth grade classes.  The device holds a smartphone and a viewfinder. Essentially, users attach the phone to their face. Compatible mobile apps allow virtual reality experiences.

“It’s like a virtual field trip,” Rohde said.

While transporting kids to another place, he says that it provides a “very inexpensive alternative to actually going on field trips.”

The technology allows Rohde to teach his students in depth about the Great Wall of China or Paris. “With how much these kids are around technology, they picked up on it pretty fast. There wasn’t a whole lot of instruction on my part,” Rohde said. “They kind of just took off with it.”

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