Kids are learning to use their detective skills for breaking a secret code with math, unlocking a series of locks to get to a tasty prize inside.

Breaking a Secret Code with MathAt Sycamore Park Elementary School in Culpeper County, Cheryl Orr’s fifth graders worked with an iPad, a Chromebook, and their own knowledge and imagination to decode locked boxes. They did this during a Breakout EDU session, using a game designed by a local teacher.

Jim Duggar is an instructional technology resource teacher for Culpeper County Public Schools. He designed the game specifically for the Culpeper students.

The 23 students were divided into two groups, solving math puzzles using numbers, sequencing, graphing, multiplication, division, and plotting lines.

“They are using a combination of skills and being able to work as a team and cooperate,” said Orr. “It’s taking all the skills they’ve learned and putting them into use. And none of these skills are new to these students.”

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