Kids are getting to take a virtual reality your of the old west thanks to Google Expeditions.

A Virtual Reality Tour of the Old WestBuilding their knowledge with images of covered wagons, campsites, and cattle ranches in virtual reality is the goal, as they explore the environment of the old west with virtual reality.

At Irving Elementary in Pueblo, Digital Learning Day offered the fourth graders an immersive virtual reality tour of historical locations far and wide, and close to home.

“We’re just launching this brand-new virtual reality lab, which is available districtwide,” said 21st Century Skills coach with Pueblo City Schools (D60)Paula Herraez. “The goal is to build their background knowledge with images in order to increase their educational achievement.”

According to Herraez, the program cost little, as the technology staff repurposed old phones to use with Google Expeditions.

“What do you see in that room? Get your face in there so you can see it,” said fourth-grade teacher Mitty Solano, using an iPad to move through a 3D western cabin. “Look at their utensils. Look at their gun. You can see all of the things they used. But you won’t see a cellphone there.”

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