Aqua Zumba gets special ed students to move in the water, and they are finding that the trip to the Aquatic Center twice a week is stimulating and fun.

Aqua Zumba Gets Special Ed Students to Move in the WaterEvery Tuesday and Thursday, Audrey Roby’s special education class travels by bus from Mooreville High School to the Tupelo Aquatic Center, where they attend Aqua Zumba classes.  Along with other participants, they dance to the sounds of Adele, Elvis, and the soundtrack from “Grease.”

Different dance workout routines are each paired with certain songs. Class instructor Vicki Jenkins has participants warm up slowly and more more quickly through several songs, combining clapping and arm waving with underwater leg movement. She stands on the pool deck, and participants follow instructions in the pool.

Roby has brought her students to the class for the past three semesters.  She realized when she began taking Aqua Zumba classes herself that there were benefits for her students.

She obtained approval of her principal, the special education department, the school board and the superintendent.  Then the students were all set to jump in!  They benefit from low impact exercise which strengthens their bodies.  They also benefit from the social interaction.

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