A new experience, an etiquette class delights students in the sixth grade as they learn about manners at the table, in public, and how to present the best version of themselves to others.

Etiquette Class Delights StudentsStudents at Rainbow Middle School have received two weeks of etiquette instruction from a certified etiquette consultant.  In Cindy Swann’s cooking class, parent Raquel Davis shared her professional expertise with the students.  She is certified as a children’s and corporate etiquette consultant, and offers training through her business “The Principles of Protocol”.

A key lesson for young people is why etiquette matters.

“Etiquette is not about being fancy, with your little finger sticking out,” Davis said. “It’s about being respectful to yourself and avoiding doing things to make others uncomfortable.”

Students in the cooking class took recipes home and prepared different parts of a meal.  They brought the dishes to share with the class.  Meantime, they learned how to properly set a table, use utensils, and what they need to do when they are finished with the meal. This included the proper way to hold utensils, and avoid clinking noise when stirring hot beverages, putting their spoon down on the saucer instead of on the table.

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