High school students took a field trip exploring mythology and folklore at a local archive and cemetery, and students are learning to observe and record cultural experiences and environments.

Soft SkillsMountain Crest High School students visited Utah State University’s Merrill-Cazier Library and the Fife Folklore Archives. They then participated in a field research project, viewing several monuments and headstones that were historically significant.

Teacher Kimberly Sorensen coordinated the field trip for her mythology classes. As her students studies mythology, folklore, and legends, they chose a subject that interested them and were directed to gather contemporary stories. The work they complete will also be submitted to the Fife Folklore Archives, one of the largest collections in the United States of American Folklore.

“All of us love to hear stories,” said Sorensen, “and this is a perfect project for teenagers. They are learning how to be observant and how to be analytical writers, and as the kids complete and present their own projects to the class and submit them to the University, they will have something to hold in their hands that demonstrates how communities are brought together through the culture of storytelling.”

At first, students learn about the legends of other people. They then learn to write their own.

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