Foreign Language Field Day tests the language and culture skills of high school students. Hundreds of students have registered to attend, from 16 schools in the Joplin Missouri vicinity.

Soft Skills“The goal is to form a capstone language competition for students in the area to demonstrate a mastery of certain content related to language and compete against other schools in their mastery,” said Levi Butts, a Spanish teacher at Joplin High School.

The categories that are open for competition include reading comprehension, poetry reading, translation, vocabulary, and grammar in French, Spanish, and German. Events will also be presented, including skits and the culture/geography finals.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to see young people using foreign language in a way that we don’t often have the opportunity to do,” Butts said. “Typically, we interact with others in the classroom, and sadly a lot of that doesn’t get used outside the classroom. This (event) lets students know those skills are applicable in the real world.”

JHS hosted the event for the first time last year after taking over from Missouri Southern State University.  The event has been presented by the university for over 40 years. At it’s height, it attracted 800 students from 21 schools.

Immersion in Cultural Education, a local nonprofit which provides educational opportunity for students in foreign language is the co host for the event.

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