Local libraries are helping future kindergartners prepare with storytimes and a bus ride for the big day when they start school.

Future Kindergartners Prepare with Storytimes and a Bus RideFor many children, entering kindergarten can be scary because it’s a new place away from family where they follow new rules and are with new people.  For parents it’s sometimes difficult to know just what your child needs before they start school in September.

In Carroll County, MD, the public library is reaching out to the community to help kids be prepared, and keep parents in the loop for kindergarten registration.

A kindergarten teacher and a children’s library specialist are conducting storytimes that will prepare the children for what to expect. Kindergarten registration begins in March, and information is being provided to parents.

At the storytime in Eldersburg, children services supervisor Angie Knight and kindergarten teacher Heide Neske showed the chidren some games with colors, names of body parts, and pre reading skills.  A challenge for the students was to not call out answers before they were called on.

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