Having a newly built Geoboard shapes math education in many ways that were not possible earlier. At Molin Upper Elementary School, the STEM department added the Geoboard to the school’s STEM lab, which helped the fourth and fifth graders increase hands on learning opportunities in plane geometry and problem solving. Teacher Kristen Daigle’s father, Tom Manning built the board.

Geoboard Shapes Math EducationStudents spread elastic bands around pegs, forming polygons and geometric shapes and designs.

“The kids gain knowledge about perimeter, area, angles, symmetry, and patterns,” Daigle said. “The best part of the process is they become involved in a rich dialogue with each other while working to solve problems. It also sparks inquiry and strengthens interactivity, which teaches them teamwork, leadership and collaborative thinking.”

According to Principal Tara Rossi, the Geoboard is part of the commitment at the school to STEM education.

“We’re on the cutting edge and our (STEM) program is advanced compared to other schools,” Rossi said. “I’ve participated with administrators across the state and many of them tell me they’re just in the beginning stages of even thinking about implementing the type of program we have. We were fortunate to be able to get our program started three years ago.”

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