Third and fourth graders are discovering that geodomes provide hands-on learning experiences, and encourage working together as a team.

Geodomes Provide Hands-On Learning ExperiencesThe students at West Broad Street School in Stonington used PVC pipe and plastic joints to build the nearly 30 foot tall geodomes in the school gym.

“It’s cool how we worked together to make this gigantic dome,” said third-grader Matayo Swepson. “It makes it more fun because we’re actively involved and making something unique.”

Movement specialist Mallory Bagwell held geodome workshops last week at West Broad.  Students used math, science and engineering to build the geo-structures. They learned about triangles, how shapes affect an object, and how a shape is built from the inside.

“Many of them have built objects with Legos, but it’s totally different when you build something you can actually go inside,” said third-grade math and science teacher Joe Burns. “They used engineering and problem-solving skills. They also had to be creative.”

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