Girls are growing more interested in STEM classes, and increases in female student enrollment has been seen over the past few years.

Girls are Growing More Interested in STEM ClassesAt Rutherford High School, STEM Day for girls was held this past week.  Almost 65 eighth grade girls signed up.

At present, 30 students are enrolled in the year long introductory course, Foundations of Technology.  It will be offered as a half year class next year to allow for more enrollment.  There will be more advanced courses, including Advanced Design Applications, Technological Design, Engineering Design, and Honors Physics.

According to principal Frank Morano, the commitment that the district made to STEM started two years ago, when $500,000 was spent to convert the former wood shop into a lab.

“We did a lot of research to determine the type of curriculum we were going to use, and how to turn the wood shop room into a state-of-the-art STEM lab. After tons of research, we selected Engineering by Design, and have turned it into a program that has really taken off,” said Morano.

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