A  high school handyman crew installs wheelchair ramps for those who need them in their community, and they are learning a skill and giving back at the same time.

High School Handyman Crew Installs Wheelchair Ramps“The Handyman Crew” is a group from Destrehan High School’s skilled carpentry class.  They are building wheelchair ramps for those in need in St. Charles Parish.

Homes that need a ramp are identified by the United Way of St. Charles, which provides the funding for materials as well. Additional monies are donated by the St. Charles Women’s Club and the New Orleans Realtor Board.

“The greatest thing about this class and project is that it takes our students at Destrehan High School who are expressly interested and extremely competent in the fields of carpentry, woodworking, etc. and allows them to plan and build something that helps people in need in our community,” said Wildcats Principal Stephen Weber. “Our school has always cared about and worked to volunteer time to assist people in need. This class and their contributions are seen immediately.”

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