Students are making a journey to the center of the earth inside a globe specially designed for them to view the world’s continents.

Journey to the Center of the Earth Inside a GlobeThe globe is owned by Bridgwater State University, which sends staff members to share the globe with local schools as part of math, science, geography, and history lessons.

Recently, geography educator Cidalia Pina brought the globe to LaLiberte Elementary School in Raynham, Massachusetts. She acted as a tour guide, circling the globe and showing information about continents and oceans. Then she unzipped the globe and students went to sit inside.

Pina finds that the globe is a great way to get students to experience STEM learning in a hands on way, and expand the education of world geography beyond seventh grade.

“I think we all feel geography is lacking in our curriculum,” Pina said. “It gets covered maybe in science or history, but not enough geography.”

Pina likes the ability of the globe to show the students a more realistic idea of geography than flat maps.

“They don’t often see what the globe, as a tool, can look like,” she said. “There might be a globe in the classroom, but the Earthview provides hands-on, stunning visuals. You can see their minds working.”

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