Fourth graders have big plans, as kids show the Gates Foundation how to bring internet to Ethiopia.

Kids Show the Gates Foundation How to Bring Internet to EthiopiaAt John Thomas School of Discovery in Nixa, Missouri, the fourth graders in Hannah Bryant’s class are sending their science projects to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They are developing a plan to bring the internet to Ethiopia.

“Our goal is to teach them about the process of creating a plan and focusing on the creation of the plan,” Bryant said.

The students have aimed high, and created sophisticated plans.  Some of those plans involve having Ethiopa use solar panels to create the energy for accessing the internet.

Bryant asked them how they would solve the problem of getting solar panels to Ethiopia.

“We would first reach out to the people of Ethiopia to ensure the plan is OK with them, and then, we would use cargo planes to take the panels over the ocean,” said Taylor Farr.

Farr is excited because she is not only involved in a creative process.  She likes the fact that her ideas and those of her classmates could have an impact on the lives of people across the globe.

“We are actually doing something that could potentially impact the lives of others, rather than just turning it in to our teacher,” Farr said.

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