Fourth graders are learning the scientific method through studying the ecosystem.

Learning the Scientific Method Through Studying the EcosystemAt Oregon Trail Elementary School in Twin Falls, students planted bitterbrush seeds in partnership with the  U.S. Bureau of Land Management, preparing for a springtime field trip to plant them.

They are learning about the plants and animals of the sage-steppe ecosystem, and the scientific method. The project allows them to connect what they learn with the real world.

“They’re impacting their own backyard,” said Kelsey Brizendine, a spokeswoman for the Twin Falls Bureau of Land Management.

The partnership is entering its second year, thanks to an inquiry from fourth grade teacher Karl Gaston.  He wanted to include ecosystems and land management in his lessons.

Last year, the fourth grade students grew a firewise garden, learning how to prevent the spread of wildfires.  They then planted the seedlings they had grown at Auger Falls.

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