Math night is a popular activity for families at one elementary school, where families line up at the door waiting to get in.

Soft SkillsAt Coolidge Elementary School, the annual event has seen attendance increase every year since it started five years ago.

Principal Ann Clouter greeted families at the door, and gave each group a pair of dice and a board game. Children teach the parents the games, with each grade having its own games.

Families were seated at small tables in Kindergarten teacher Patricia Broszeit’s classroom, playing games that increased students’ knowledge of math facts and math literacy. “Parents love to come to school. They take advantage of it,” says Broszeit.

Each class uses math counters and dice to play games on boards designed by Coolidge School staff.  All games are accessible on the internet, and align with the Massachusetts Math Curriculum.

“We want all families to have fun with math together. Exploring math games to develop fluency in math is just one way,” Clouter said.

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