A group of 16 middle school girls have an online beauty business, providing affordable beauty products to their peers.

Middle School Girls Have an Online Beauty BusinessCentral Relaxation is the online store run by Michelle Hopkins’ students at Central York Middle School.  The girls have spent weeks developing the products, testing them, and marketing them.  Their line includes body butters, bath fizzles, and lip balm.  The girls were frustrated with the high prices they saw at popular stores, and decided there was a better way.

At first, they thought they would never be able to sell anything.  Whenever they tried to make a new product, some disaster would strike.  The shape would be off, or the bath balls would fall apart or odd things would turn up in the mixture.

But the girls kept at it, solved problems, and marketed their products. They have filled 405 orders all over the country since December 1.

“It’s not about making the profit, it’s about the experience,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins applied for a grant through Real World Scholars.  This organization promotes teaching entrepreneurial skills to young people.  They provided the funding and an e-commerce platform to teachers who want to get a student run business off the ground.

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