High school students are preparing for STEM careers and bright futures as they learn the skills for success.

Preparing For STEM Careers and Bright FuturesAt Minot High School in North Dakota, students are studying biomedical science, engineering, and advanced mathematics, and learning new skills with technology.  The instruction is centered on preparing them for careers in the STEM fields, and giving them experiences they cannot learn just from books.

Students Paolo Panales and Hannah Zaderaka are interested in biomedical engineering, which combines engineering along with medical and biological sciences.  The use is to create equipment that is used in health care.

“I’m liking the innovative side, where you have to come up with creative ways to problem solve,” said Zaderaka.

The median pay for a beginning biomedical engineer is $86,220 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Zaderaka would like to find new materials to design prosthetics inexpensively and make them more available around the world.

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