Teachers are seeing that project based learning is creating opportunities for education. At Bartlett School in Kansas, teachers are excited about their first year of project based learning, otherwise known as PBL.

Project Based Learning is Creating Opportunities for EducationFifth grade teacher Linda Carland says that there are many similarities between PBL and how teachers used to teach before the primary focus in performance standards was test scores.

Teachers propelled the change toward project based learning.  “The staff made this decision,” Principal Tim Traxson said. “This was a teacher-driven decision on going to project based learning. I was happy, because I felt it was a very good move for us, considering where we sit and the resources we have in our community and what we have outside that we can use. … It’s the direction we want to go. It’s a process. I see us getting there in a few years.”

Traxon showed the teachers how project based learning is working at EPIC Elementary School in St. Joseph, Missouri. Students meat the same standards as before, but the method is different. Project based learning is teacher guided but individualized and collaborative.  It also integrates subject areas.

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