A teacher is finding that quilting brings first grade students together, learning lessons of unity.

Quilting Brings First Grade Students TogetherAt Crestview Elementary, Saundra Wimbley’s first graders brought pieces of fabric to be sewn together, introducing the children to a visual show of cooperation and community.

Each piece of fabric used in the quilt has meaning for the student who brought it in.  It might show a favorite team, a favorite color, or have other personal meaning to the child.

“I am really big on local history and since there was a rich history of quilt making in my family, it’s nice to be able to bring that to these kids,” she said. “The children of this generation have kind of lost the meaning of what a quilt is and what it was and how it was pieced together, because we buy things ready made.”

“I get things just as simple as green is my favorite color. Last year, I got one that was camouflage and I asked the kid ‘What does this mean to you? Are you a hunter?’ and he said ‘No, I just like to play hide and seek.’ That’s what that meant to him,” continued Winberley.

The children are proud of their “Peace Quilt” and were really thrilled to see it come back from a quilter with all their pieces included. Wimberly also shares quilts made by her grandparents, treasured by her family.

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