Short films being written and directed by students are livening up the library at their elementary school.

Short Films Being Written and Directed by StudentsAt Oakland Elementary School, library media specialist Chris Bohne is teaching elementary students how to make films.  He has a background in theater and visual arts. His semester long “Digital Story Studio” provides remediation and enrichment at the end of the school day.

“We select students for the class who are really good readers with great task commitment. The class has kids that are diverse in ethnicity and genders from all grade levels,” said Bohne.

According to Bohne, “story is king.”

“I tell them (that) before you learn to use the camera, you have to write a good story,” he said.

The structure of storytelling is the first thing the students learn.  After they learn the process of script writing, they use software to practice basic animation and filming.  They create a storyboard, produce the animation, and do the post-production.

“School these days is so driven by tests, but a lot of these kids are already topping out on their tests. Experiences that take them further are really important,” said Bohne. “I don’t want to let testing put a ceiling on kids — they should be able to go beyond that.”

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