Special needs students are taking on responsibilities that help them gain job and social skills in a new effort.

Soft SkillsThree years ago, the multiple disabilities program at Mansfield Senior High School took over the weekly responsibilities of recycling and cleaning up from the KEY club. “We thought this would be a good project for our program because it teaches responsibility, job skills, those kinds of things,” said Connie Zhu of the multiple disabilities program, as while her students wiped the large recycling bins dry. “The kids really enjoy doing it. The kids look forward to doing this job or program every week.”

One of the students, junior Garth Harris, has seen a few benefits already.

“It’s fun; I get to help teachers and students out,” Harris said. “I’ve been wanting to get into auto mechanics for past few years since I’ve been going here.”

“This program has shown Mrs. Zhu I can handle responsibility. They are working on getting me in to auto mechanics next year.”

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