Because of technology, students have a virtual conversation with Kaiser Wilhelm, the last ruler of the German empire and the Kingdom of Prussia during World War I.

Students Have a Virtual Conversation with Kaiser WilhelmUsing artificial intelligence, tenth graders studying the history of World War I can actually speak with a historical figure head of the kaiser, asking questions about his time and his ideas.

At the STEM School Academy in Douglas County, Colorado, the students created a virtual reality world of tiny talking heads.  The kaiser is the first, and he will soon be followed by President Woodrow Wilson, and Russian Czar Nicholas II. The students were challenged to use technology skills to bring historical figures to virtual life.

“We will hopefully have tiny heads all over the classroom,” said sixteen year old Benjamin Krawciw, who with 15-year-old Michal Bodzianowski led the design of the history project.

In addition, the students created a cyber world that charts the rise and fall of civilizations.  They use 3D programs and Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles to examine exhibits they create.

According to Penelope Eucker, executive director of the STEM School and Academy, classes like this attract students hwo have never been interested in history.  The charter school is located in Douglas County.

“This is history that, at least in this level, has never been presented this way before,” Eucker said. “This will get kids interested.”

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