With the addition of a new science wing and shop class, middle school students succeed with hands-on learning and are eagerly participating in science labs, art classes, and learning new skills.

Students Succeed with Hands-On LearningMillersburg Elementary-Middle School students are actively engaged in hands on project based learning, opening them up to the world outside the classroom, according to Principal Teresa Zook. “It’s still a process but it’s been really nice,” Zook said. “The middle school students are separate but it offers a partnership for the younger students. … They are separate but at times they teach with the younger students.”

Sixth graders are adapting to the change of moving between classes instead of being in a self contained classroom. Students also can choose from extra-curricular activities, including band, choir, robotics, garden club and athletics for sixth-grade students and music composition, guitar lessons and student council for seventh- and eighth-graders.

“The sixth-graders absolutely love the independence,” Zook said. “They like the unique classes that offer more choices and freedom.”

Students are engaged in various projects, including aquaponic plant growth, using five tilapia fish to fertilize a crop of spinach and green beans, learning to sew, and using basic shop equipment.

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