Marketing students teaching financial literacy to other high school students are preparing themselves for real world living.

Soft SkillsStudents from Plymouth South High School are working with students at the Plymouth Public Library who are working on their high school equivalency diplomas.  The marketing students, Sarah Leary, Allysia Tavekelian and Ella Heenan are studying financial literacy through a DECA project they call “Interest and Answers.” They are passing on what they learn to students in the library’s HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) program.

“We decided to work with students in the library program because we thought it would be beneficial to other people who are trying to learn about the world themselves,” Leary said. “It’s really to help people and help ourselves, because it can be really daunting.”

Leary and Heenan are taking the course as junior this year with marketing teacher Doris Bishoip.  Tavekilian is a senior and she completed the course last year.

25 students in the program formerly known as GED gather each Wednesday at the library, where the three high school students work with them on life skills, including budget planning, resume building, and interview skills.

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