A fourth grade teacher is using newspapers to teach all subjects, including math, science, social studies, and grammar.

Using Newspapers to Teach All Subjects“There’s not a subject that you can’t touch with the newspapers,” said Erica Ellison, a fourth grade teacher at Sterling Elementary.

Through the Newspapers in Education program, she receives free copies of the local newspaper and uses them as educational tools.

For example, students recently looked at sales pages and created their own word problems.

“That seems to be one of our weak areas with math, solving the word problems and being able to read and understand it,” she said.

The skill gained by having students construct real problems with examples from the newspaper also extends to outside the classroom.

“The students and I talked about how ‘now when I go to the grocery store, I better be able to help my mom, because this is real-world,’” Ellison said. “This is what I would normally do with the sales paper.”

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