Union School is finding that their new zSpace lab provides 3D learning opportunities to middle school students, enabling them to learn math, science and more.

zSpace Lab Provides 3D Learning OpportunitiesA virtual tour of the zSpace was given to the school board in the school library by librarian Sherrianne Herninko, computer integration specialist Louise Hetzel and school principal Kurt Schweitzer. zSpace is a virtual reality experience that is interactive, combining STEM education with creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The customized computers have interactive sensors on each side of the monitor.  They interact with special glasses worn by students that are equipped with four sensors that render 3D images.  Items on the screen are manipulated with a stylus.

“The kids are mesmerized by it. There are only 480 zSpaces in schools in the United States,” Schweitzer said. “It was originally created by the United States Department of Defense and then they sold it to schools.”

“The [lab] allows students to work together to solve problems while helping students grasp complex concepts and build collaborative skills,” continued Schweitzer.

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