American middle schoolers are writing to Ethiopian students to understand poverty across the world.

Soft SkillsThe eighth graders in Sara Morrison’s daily enrichment class at Lynnhaven Middle School read the book “I Will Always Write Back.”  They took the experience a bit further, by participating in a pen pal program with Ethiopian students.

Recently they sent letters to Korah, an Ethiopian community of around 130,000 people.

The African students are expected to respond soon and their letters should arrive within a few weeks.  They will be written in English “as best they can,” said gifted resource teacher Crystal Colohan. This past summer, she traveled to Ethiopia on a church mission trip.

The idea for the whole school to read  “I Will Always Write Back” came from language arts teacher Sarah Morrison.  The book is a true life story about a boy from Zimbabwe and a girl from Pennsylvania, who begin writing each other in 1997 when she was 12 and he 14. The book then tells the story of their lifelong friendship.

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